March 28th, 2024


Version 3.2


Market Comparison Tool

You asked and we delivered! Market comparison has been a highly requested feature since we launched BrightInvestor. This tool allows BrightInvestors to compare up to 15 markets at a time! Compare markets manually by entering them in (by city or zip code), or select a state to view the top 15 cities queried by either highest current or growth values of population, jobs, median price, and average rent! 

Instant Shareable Market Comparison Reports

After comparing your markets and determining your top contenders, create an instant live report page to quickly send as a link to business partners, lenders, or friends. Reports print perfectly on paper as well for sharing in person. Simply copy the link, and you're good to go! 

BrightInvestor Academy

We have built out in-depth onboarding walkthrough tutorials to teach you from A-Z how to become a master at using BrightInvestor! One of our biggest requests is more education on how to analyze markets. With BrightInvestor 3.2, we have recorded all new video tutorials, written tutorials, and now interactive in-app walkthroughs! 

Updated User Interface

We have updated zip code popups, notification messages, and more to create a more consistent and updated look to BrightInvestor!


BrightInvestor 3.0 - January 25th, 2024

Bugfix: Property List Deletion: Deleting a single property inadvertently deletes the entire list.
Bugfix: Listing Trend Speed Mode: Speed mode is not engaged on other listing trends after using 'step 1' unless a new data type is selected.
Bugfix: Crime Data Error Message: The "No Crime Data" error message needs to be swapped with the correct one.
Bugfix: Speed Mode Default Settings: Review and adjust the default settings for speed mode.
Bugfix: List Removal Refresh: Properties are not removed from lists without a page reload.
Bugfix: Franchise Pin Persistence: Franchise pins remain after a new search is performed.
Bugfix: Crime Layer Duplication: The crime layer duplicates when re-enabled after hiding.
Bugfix: Rent Growth Bathroom Count: Add bathroom count to the Rent Growth settings sidebar.
Bugfix: Franchise Zoom Lag: Zooming in causes BrightInvestor to lag due to franchises.
Bugfix: Cheyenne Boundaries and Zipcodes: Verify and correct Cheyenne city boundaries and zipcodes.
Bugfix: Appreciation Feature: Resolve the malfunction in the appreciation feature.
Bugfix: Population and Income Growth Display: Fix the sizing, coloring, and missing dollar sign in the Total Population and Income Growth box.
Bugfix: Persistent Crime Growth Sidebar: Crime growth sidebar remains visible after other data searches.
Bugfix: Red Box Crime Indicator: Crime is incorrectly displayed as a red box in Lancaster, PA layer.
Bugfix: Staging Login Issue: Staging environment login functionality is not operational.
Bugfix: Property Sidebar Limitation: Sidebar only displays 12 out of 15 available properties.
Bugfix: Rental Vacancy Error: Address the error occurring in the Rental Vacancy feature. Bugfix: City-Wide Income Growth Incomplete: Income Growth for Whole City feature is not encompassing the entire city. Bugfix: Login Function Bug: Investigate and fix the bug affecting the login function.Bugfix: Rent by Zip Code Layer Addition: Enable the addition of Rent by Zip Code as a new layer. Bugfix: AirBnB Milwaukee Omission: Address the issue of AirBnB not appearing in Milwaukee searches.Bugfix: Appreciation Loading Problem: Fix the issue with the Appreciation feature not loading. Bugfix: Free Trial Search Restriction: Ensure Free Trial accounts can perform searches.Bugfix: RentOMeter Box Displacement: Stabilize RentOMeter Boxes to prevent movement.Bugfix: Median Price Growth UI Formatting: Correct the sidebar UI formatting issues with Median Price Growth. Bugfix: Uniform Appreciation Colors: Resolve the issue causing Appreciation Colors for latest data to always be white.Bugfix: Vacancy Growth Crash Trigger: Fix the crash occurring when generating Vacancy Growth by zip and then selecting income. Bugfix: Listing Trends Data Verification: Check the accuracy of listing trends data and graphs.Bugfix: Crime Pin Visibility Post-Population Search: Ensure crime pins are visible after conducting a population search.Bugfix: Vacancy Color Consistency: Standardize the Vacancy Change Over Time Zipcode color.Bugfix: Layering Issue on Appreciation Map: Address the layering inconsistency when adding a population layer over an appreciation map.Bugfix: Vacancy Search Redundancy: Resolve the issue when repeating a vacancy search with the same parameters.Bugfix: Income Change Color Differentiation: Distinguish Income Change Over Time Zipcode color for better visibility.Bugfix: Listing Trends Functionality: Review the overall functionality of the Listing Trends feature for potential improvements.

BrightInvestor 2.4.0 - September 19th, 2023

Bugfix: Line graph coloring errors fixed
Bugfix: Sidebar data summary formatting
Bugfix: Default dates out of range for searching.
Bugfix: Map navigation not allowing for pin drop after city searches.
Bugfix: Layers auto fill effective name.
Bugfix: Layers need hide all function.
Bugfix: Infinity error for zip codes with previously no residents.
Bugfix: In-app quick tip popups added.
Bugfix: In-app tooltips added.
Bugfix: In-app tutorial button added for each data type.
Bugfix: Population source changed to Census for higher quality data.
Bugfix: Query crash errors.
Bugfix: State selection upon user signup whited out.
Bugfix: Start new data search button added.
Bugfix: Boundary drawing errors.
Bugfix: Typos throughout user interface.

BrightInvestor 2.0.0 - August 2nd, 2023

Bugfix: "Syncfunction" permanent header error popup removed.
Bugfix: Airbnb data not automatically showing radius.
Bugfix: Priorities for custom data increased from 3 to 5.
Bugfix: Quick focus filters only working on numerical columns now.
Bugfix: Quickfocus term "Building Size" changed to "Square Feet".
Bugfix: Screen resizing optimized for smaller screens.
Bugfix: Left click on map no longer dropping pin.
Bugfix: Auto pull from most recent rent dates.
Bugfix: Pin drag/drop now working when other boundaries are active.
Bugfix: Tucson, Miami, and Knoxville fixed to show accurate boundaries.
Bugfix: Airbnb filters no longer causing crashes or inaccurate property types.
Bugfix: Notes now able to be placed by right clicking or dropping inside and outside of boundaries.
Bugfix: School boundaries now working for 0.5 and 1.5 distances.
Bugfix: Population growth coloring with variance rather than just red and green.

BrightInvestor 1.1.0 - May 31st, 2023

Bugfix: Signup sequence formatted for mobile.
Bugfix: Sticky notes now working outside of radius.
Bugfix: Sticky notes no longer causing PDF failures.
Bugfix: Jobs now showing all results at once.
Bugfix: Custom CSV pins operational again after API errors.
Bugfix: Pin popups reformatted for crucial details.
Bugfix: PDF's now optimized for smaller file sizes.
Bugfix: PDF bugfixes and common crashes fixed.
Bugfix: Schools pins no longer squished.
Bugfix: School popups no longer hiding rating number.
Bugfix: Business false notifications removed.
Bugfix: Outbound emails for verify account and forgot password fixed.
Bugfix: Crime heatmaps no longer crashing when clicking in heatmap cloud.
Bugfix: Rent in areas with no neighborhoods now automatically swaps to zip code.
Bugfix: Session expirations now log-out automatically after 7 days to keep map and data points operational.
Bugfix: General UI typos.

BrightInvestor 1.0.3 - April 20th, 2023

Bugfix: Verification emails no longer going to spam.
Bugfix: Jobs now highlighting all areas where jobs are sourced from, such as metropolitan areas.
Bugfix: When downgrading accounts, state selection was being removed.
Bugfix: When downgrading accounts, accesses were being removed immediately rather than on next billing period.
Bugfix: Icons weren't loading when adding to PDF.
Bugfix: False error was showing when searching for appreciation in areas where data is not reported.
Bugfix: When data types are not reported, error message displays with explanation of why data isn't being reported by locality.
Bugfix: State selection not formatting right on mobile.
Bugfix: Businesses displaying false error when maxing out number of calls.
Bugfix: General UI typos.


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