BrightInvestor Pitch Deck

A Real Estate Data Visualization Platform.

BrightInvestor is a comprehensive yet intuitive cloud platform that makes good investors great by delivering proven market data for smarter investing insight.

BrightInvestor 101


A Real Estate Market Data Visualization Tool


To Provide Confidence and Peace of Mind so Investors Excel


Software Built by Investors, For Investors


By Making Real Estate Market Research Simple

Our Team


Donato Callahan

Co-Founder, CEO


Drew McCluskey

Co-Founder, COO


David Lopez

Development Lead


Marco Ramirez

Software Developer


Vladimir Rueda

Software Developer


Rohit Solanki

Full-Stack Developer


Braden McCluskey

Marketing Coordinator


Colin McCluskey

Media Specialist

The Problem

Without confidence, investors don't take action

Analyzing markets is expensive & time consuming

What you don't know can hurt you - especially in real estate

Our Solution

Combine trusted market data into one place to build confidence

Provide one subscription that saves clients time and money

Visualize real estate market data to find the diamonds in the rough

Our Flag in the Ground

We believe that smarter real estate investing doesn’t have to be harder.
That, when armed with the right knowledge, any investor can be a bright investor.
And that decisions backed by data will always produce bigger dividends.

Market Research

0M Users

BiggerPockets is the largest online
community of real estate investors.

Regrid has:
0K+ Subscribers

Regrid is a nationwide parcel data provider.

0K Members

DealMachine is a driving for dollars real estate software, with a minimum price of $60/month.

0K+ Subscribers

BatchGEO is a bring-your-own data visualizer.

There is no one doing what we're doing for new investors.
We don't bombard users with hours of reading or complicated spreadsheets.
We provide quick, easy to understand visuals of market trends.


Our Target Audience


Real Estate Investment Companies (2+ people)
We help companies narrow their markets


New Real Estate Investors
We help investors find their first market

Our Current Status

We Launched March 28th, 2023

We have been live for just over a month and have attained the current status':

250+ Emails

We have been collecting emails from free downloads and waitlists.

16 Paying Subscribers

We have been collecting emails from free downloads and waitlists.

120+ Accounts

In one month since opening, we had over 120 accounts created on the BrightInvestor platform.

20 Affiliates

Prior to launch, we partnered with other podcast hosts, mastermind coaches, and social media influencers to help market BrightInvestor.

Upcoming Marketing


We are going to local meetups, conferences, hosting a booth at the Limitless Expo, and more.


We have gotten the opportunity to get a shoutout from Brandon Turner, a real estate celebrity, near the end of May on his Instagram with 327,000 followers.


We were on 12 podcasts prior to BrightInvestor's launch and are continuing to line up more podcasts.


We have already hosted one webinar with over 60 signups and are planning more now.

Proven Data from Trusted Sources


Financial Investment

We Are Currently Accepting Up To $120K In Investor Capital.

Our Goals

We plan to use this capital for marketing campaigns, enriching our customer service and sales departments, and expanding into new data types as we pursue our first goal of 1,000 paid subscribers.

Our History

We've raised $210,000 for BrightInvestor to get through development and into launch. The next $120,000 provides needed capital to further a strong marketing push and growing the customer experience.

Our Aim

We are looking for partners and are offering:

2% of the company's shares in exchange for $80,000.


4% of the company's shares in exchange for $120,000.

We want to align in values and vision with our investors and are open to discussing alternative investments with different terms.

I'm Interested, Let's Talk!

Where We're Going


1,000 BrightInvestors by end of September 2023


Primary Goal: Position to sell majority of company in 5-7 years to major equity player (Propstream, Roofstock, etc) depending on interest and offers when we reach 100,000 BrightInvestors, grow the platform to peak maturity, and/or meet certain TBA revenue goals. Secondary Goal: Hold company for 10+ assuming profitability and continued growth (and fun!)

Our Numbers

Our Breakeven

375-550 paid subscribers depending on average price/subscriber.

BrightInvestor pricing falls at a sample free tier and monthly paid tiers at $50, $80, and $100. Our underwriting assumes average users at $60/month, each with an affiliate payout, payment processing, sales tax, and discounts applied.

Long-Term Exit Goal

$500M - $1B evaluation based on Market EBITDA multiples for SaaS companies and BrightInvestor earnings.